Things have changed in Social Media... Have You?

How to Sponsor 2 People EVERY Week Using Cutting Edge Social Media Tactics...

If you are already successfully sponsoring 1-2 people every week online, you probably don't need this!

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Are YOU Ready to Recruit 2 New people A WEEK, EVERY WEEK?

How would you like to Discover 3 little known ways how to GET PEOPLE to CONTACT YOU EVERY DAY — Asking about your business when you DID NOTCONTACT THEM?

This is ALREADY HAPPENING with what Doug Firebaugh has been teaching his “Social Network Marketing” Private Coaching clients. They average 1 – 2 Personal Recruits A WEEK!

And Doug is ready to share his Top 47 Secrets Never Before Taught Publicly in this Brand New webinar!


“Social Network Marketing 2011 ~ Unleashing the Flood!”

With a Special Guest Appearance featuring Social Network Marketing and Network Marketing Master Christopher Dittemore!


Things have changed dramatically in Social Media the last 2 years, and everyone is seeing it. But you MUST keep up with the changes and the Tactics required for the NEW Social Network Marketing Success. Doug Firebaugh’s clients pay him thousands of dollars for Private Coaching and NOW you can access his Unique and Little Known Powerful Secrets to Unleash the Flood of Success in your home business as his clients have.

In this powerful Life Changing webinar, you will learn:

  • How to Unleash a Flood of Prospects that  WANT to know about your business.
  • The Secret to the “Facebook Turn Around.”
  • How to Create a FLOOD of Social Networking emails from people who are looking to make money.
  • How to access the powerful Classified Ad Sites NO ONE knows about- and is working perfectly for a home business.
  • The Secret to becoming a LinkedIn Magnet that people turn to for advice.
  • The ONE Secret of Recruiting on LinkedIn that NO ONE Teaches.
  • The Power of the “Reply Video” and how to make it work for your recruiting.
  • The Facebook Swamp – What NOT to use on Facebook as it is a waste of time.
  • The Secrets of the “Stealth Message” for ALL blogs.
  • The Power of “Your Personal Twitter Flow.”
  • How to write Mind Boggling Facebook Posts that people actually will click on and respond to.
  • The Secrets to producing “Magnetic Content”-content that PULLS people in.
  • The Power of the Little Known Social Media sites that can multiply your social networking efforts!
  • The ONE Little Known and Used Social SITE that can get you in front of hundreds of thousands of people – QUICKLY.
  • How to Write a Tweet that gets people to ask about your business – every time!
  • The Secret to Creating a “Twitter Tsunami” of clicks on your tweet.
  • How to Recruit in Social Media using little known Press Release Secrets that are FREE!
  • The Power of the YouTube Social Multiplier!
  • A listing of over 25 NEW Social sites that house MILLIONS of new members that NO ONE is working.
  • How to Recruit using SKYPE Social Networking secrets.
  • How to Recruit using Craigslist — it WORKS EVERY TIME!
  • The NEW Social Listing sites that are as powerful as Craigslist but are more POTENT!
  • How to use your Mobile Phone and Texting to Recruit DAILY.
  • The Top 7 Mistakes that people make in Social Network Marketing and they don’t even know it.
  • How to Blueprint a “Social Recruiting Flood” and unleash it in your business!

“The information you guys are providing to the industry is priceless! Regardless of how much success you have already had in the social media arena with your home business, IF your team has not mastered the information contained in this webinar from Doug and Chris, THEN you are leaving money on the table, period. Our team WILL be there! Thanks!”
Shelley W.

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Don’t DELAY! Others have already put these strategies to use and their businesses are exploding!

Here’s what a few have to say about the Social Networking Course:

“Hi Doug, I heard from different people teaching so-called social media and this training that you have put together is by far the best information out there bar none. Thanks for doing this for everyone. This is some great training!”
Larry P.

“Doug I am very thankful for this replay of the webinar. It has allowed me to take down more intensive notes and review the incrediable information that you presented. Thank you!”
Dave K.

SPECIAL BONUS: First 100 Action Takers will receive a Special, One Hour Long, UNRELEASED Audio Training from Doug Firebaugh ~ $67 Value: The Secrets of Multiplying Massive Leadership in Your Group!

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